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Preview GSC's Nendoroid of Lieutenant Yui Takamura

11:00 PM on 11.22.2012 // Jon Wills

Even in Nendoroid form that BETA soldier scares me!

It should not be surprising that GSC is making a Nendoroid of Lieutenant Yui Takamura from the currently airing animated show Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.  However something about her figure did startle me. See the BETA Soldier pet that she ships with? Wow, that thing just gives me the chills. You know, those BETA eat people. It is a compliment to the makers of Total Eclipse, that even a chibified version of their BETA soldiers can still scare someone! Of course I do not like scary things, yet I am still watching their show.

Lieutenant Takamura herself seems well done. She has an array of poses and items that you would expect from a military officer. For example, both her and her BETA soldier can salute. To fit the occasionally gory theme of Total Eclipse yui has an optional bloodied face! Yui comes with a gun and Japanese katana as she ought to. Also she comes with a kettle accessory, presumably filled with tasty meat and potato stew that she made for the lead male character Yuuya Bridges. Overall Yui does make a nice Nendoroid with a wide range of action poses. I could easily see her fitting in next to my Macross Frontier collection.

For those who are interested in grabbing her, or those on the fence you have a few more days to wait and decide if she is for you or not. Lieutenant Takamura should be available for pre-order around November 27th

via Mikatan's blog.

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