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Prepare for another Masterpiece Optimus Prime

12:00 PM on 05.12.2011 // Hiroko Yamamura

Some new images have turned up of Takara Tomy's newest Transformers Masterpiece, and you guessed who --Optimus Prime (Convoy). Ok, I'll give MP-10 some points for not just being a reissue or another repaint, but come on! There are so many epic Transformers deserving of the Masterpiece treatment.

The robot is smaller than the MP-01, and I guess it's so he can be the same scale as Rodiumus. I don't know -- on my toy shelf, being scale with Megatron takes priority. I like the scale of the Masterpiece series, because the large size helps me justify the steep price tag.

The toy comes with a posable figure of Spike, and a Matrix of Leadership! The laser rifle looks like it stores in the back for transformation, and I spy some mirrors on the side. The creme da la creme of the robot is definitely the G1 style transforming trailer, now with Roller!

Oh man, I'm starting to want this toy more with every word I type. However, the photographed suggested retail price of ¥231,00 has me second guessing myself. I kind of don't want to buy it out of principle, but it just looks so nice. What do you guys think?

[Via Seibertron]

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