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Predator 1, tyranosaurus 0 in this unbelievably amazing resin model kit

10:00 AM on 09.22.2009 // Jason Millward

Alright. You may as well call it a day. Yeah, those pics up there... well, that's pretty much the most amazing thing that you are going to see all day. In fact, you may as well just turn in for the year. I doubt that you'll see another image anywhere near as awesome for a long, long time. I'd almost throw money on that.

What we've got here is a resin model kit of a Predator leaping into battle onto a fallen T-rex. That is insane! The predator is so hardcore that he's already knocked the big dino down, and is now fearlessly leaping in for the kill. I have never seen such an image of testicular fortitude before in my life. The thought alone gives me chills. A painting would probably make me stand mouth agape for a good hour just to see such an image of such unbridled awesome.

But this is a full three dimensions, and it's no lazy sculpt either. That is perfection right there. The predator looks completely weightless. You can see that he's attached to that log, yet the illusion remains. His face is spot on, and every detail is just right. This model, entitled The Big Hunt, stands 14" high from the bottom of the base to the top of the Predator's arm. If you want one, it will set you back $255 including shipping within the US. Check out some larger pics in our gallery, or check for even more images and ordering info.


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