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Pre-orders are available for Nendoroid Miku 2.0

11:30 PM on 12.17.2012

Jon Wills

Associate Editor

She sold fast and I can see why!

Fans of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku rejoice! There is a new version 2.0 of Good Smile Company's ever so popular Miku Nendoroid. GSC really amped up the cuteness factor this time adding extra shine to the silver in her outfit and made her expressions super cute! Speaking of which she comes with a singing, winking, and shouting - blushing face! That's not all though, she comes with lots of extras, such as a standing and a sitting body a twin tails set for each position. Also there are of little props included such as two pairs of leeks, electric guitar, keyboard and a speaker set.

Really this is a pretty cool package, but what caught my eye first is how her twin tails have been sculpted to be lighter than the original, this should allow for much better poseability. Something else interesting is that her head is different than past Nendoroids, it was changed so that you can change her facial expression without taking her head off of the neck joint. Don't fear though, all of your other Nendoroid expressions should still work with her.

If you want to learn more about Good Smile Company's Miku 2.0 you should check out Mikatans full preview! I liked her photographs a lot so I included them in the gallery. But don't look too long, it would be best hurry up and order her if you want to collect her. Miku's pre-orders sold out super quickly at most stores and I do not expect the pre-orders to be open for her much longer. So, if you do want her, then you should know that Miku should ship out sometime in May of this year and has a suggested manufactures retail price of ¥3,900

[ Pre-order at J-List ]

[Also available from the GSC Global Store!]


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