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Pre-order these Petit Chara Tales of minis by MegaHouse

11:00 AM on 11.11.2012 // Jon Wills

Tales of Chibi should be a game

I love Namco Bandai's Tales of series of co-op playable JRPG's. Many of my childhood and modern fun memories are filled with grinding through dungeons with friends and laughing at jokes while poking fun at the characters in these games. So when MegaHouse announced that they were making super deformed versions of some of the Tales series lead characters I wanted to show them to you.

There are other versions of these characters you can collect, but few of them would be as cute as these! I especially like the Milla from Tales of X'illia. The inclusion of Tales of Destiny's Leon Magnus and Rutee Katrea are refreshing, because we have not seen many figures recently from older Tales games for a while. All the characters are posed appropriately with their signature items shown. For example if you look at Yuri Lowell you will see all of his outfit details are there, from his odd unlaced boots to his blastia wrist guard and the way his sword his slung over his shoulder, it's very Yuri. The only thing I would have liked to make this set a better buy would be the inclusion of another character instead of having two versions of Luke from Tales of the Abyss, but that is just my own personal preference.

I appreciate how MegaHouse detailed the stands of these minis. The extra greens adding hints of forests, ruins, and flowers really add a lot to the tales feel of this set. I kinda think it is what sets them apart from the others. These may not be as big as some figures, nor are they quite mini nendoroids, but I appreciate what they do different. Also anything Tales is cool in my book.

MegaHouse's Petit Chara Tales of minis will be shipping out in late March of next year and carries a listed manufacturers price of ¥6600.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | ToysLogic | Big in Japan ]

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