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Pre-order Max Factory's Gon from Hunter X Hunter

1:00 PM on 01.31.2013 // Jon Wills

Great to see Gon so soon!

I never saw the original series but I been watching the new Hunter X Hunter over at Crunchyroll. I love the suspense and cliffhangers and look forwards to watching it every week. So when I saw that Max Factory had made a Figma of Gon I leaped to tell you all about him.

It's refreshing to see a Figma made after a young boy. Because he is a boy Gon is short. Even with his Spiky hair he stands at only 13cm tall. Gon himself is fairly simple, but comes with a fishing pole and a little cup of water which references a specific part of the show. I would have liked to see his Hunters License or something else instead, but it the cup provides an interesting scene.

Gon is expected to cost ¥3334 and should ship out in late June of this year. What do you think Tomopeeps? Is anyone picking up this brave looking Figma? Also have you purchased any Figmas of late? Tell us about them in the comments below.

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]


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