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Pre-order ALTAiR's Jude Mathis from Tales of X'illia

3:00 PM on 08.22.2012 // Jon Wills

In a market dominated by female figures, ALTAiR has managed to carve itself a nice niche with their very successful series of Tales men. Yuri Lowell (reviewed) and Flynn Scifo (reviewed) by ALTAiR were both extremely popular figurines which moved a large number of units, even receiving recent reprints. But today's story isn't about them, nope. Thanks to Ladyusada's blog, we are able to bring you a peak of ALTAiR's latest man!

Meet Jude Mathis, one of the two optional main heroes from Tales of X'illia which should be seeing a North American port sometime next year. Jude is looking pretty awesome. I love the patterns on his cape and his general appearance makes me think he is somewhat knightly. His colors of blues, purples, black and white with a little yellow and orange tastefully thrown in are interesting to look at. His gauntlet weapon style and pose remind me a little of Sophie's from Tales of Graces. Lead hero's of the Tales series' have always used swords, so it is nice to see a change from the norm.

Jude's face looks fairly generic but there is a certain charm to him. I really like the sculpting around the nose and mouth, it makes his stock expression look so cool! Speaking of his expressions, he comes with an optional face which is supposed to be a sort of serious look. I prefer the original face to the optional one, but it doesn't look bad at all.

Jude is a 1/8th scale figure, he stands a little short at 17cm tall. With a little luck he should ship out in January of next year. His suggested retail price is ¥7,800. As always you can find him for less at our favorite retailers. 

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan | Otacute | J-List]

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