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Pre-order Alphamax's Sumiyoshi Chisato

8:00 AM on 09.15.2012 // Jon Wills

She likes sweets, but not chocolates

One of my guilty pleasures of this season is an animated show called Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. It gives me part of my weekly dose of cute girls and yummy sweets mixed with a little romance and political intrigue. When I saw that Alphamax had made a figurine of the shows leading lady Sumiyoshi Chisato, I wanted to bring her smile to all of you. Her very cute face and beautiful blend of colors are what makes this figure stand out to me.

Her curvy sculpt is spot on. Howeve,r I do have two problems with how her hair is sculpted. First, I do not like how her bangs come down to point under her chin; I feel like her hair usually flows more freely than that. Also, the seams where her hair starts to flow outward from in the back are pretty obvious. Still, I think she is lovely and is made to a higher standard of quality than most swimsuit figures.

Alphamax's Sumiyoshi Chisato is made to 1/7 scale standing a full 22 centimeters tall. She carries with her a suggested retail price of ¥6800. Chisato should ship out in late march of next year.

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | OtacuteJ-List | ToysLogic | Big in Japan]

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Jon Wills, Associate Editor
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