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Pre-order a trio of Nendos: Cecilia, Houki and Monokuma

11:00 AM on 02.26.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Nendoroid collectors have three reasons to be excited this morning. A trio of brand-new releases will be making their way to stores this summer and are now available for pre-order! We have a pair of ladies from Infinite Stratos as well as a little-known two-tone bear from the PSP game, Super Danganronpa 2.

Coming in June will be releases of Houki Shinonono and Monokuma. Natalie already gave her bit on Monokuma yesterday, so we'll focus on Houki. She won't be packed with too much outside of a kendo stick, but I think just the cute faces will do enough to get fans to pre-order. She'll be made available for ¥3,333 while Monokuma will retail for ¥2,827 when they're released this June.

The second lady of IS, Cecilia Alcott, will be coming to you two months later in August. She will be just as feature-laden as Houki. Instead of a kendo stick, you'll be getting a picnic basket. However, I think fans will like her nonetheless. She will be released in August for ¥3,333.

[Pre-Order Nendoroid Houki Shinonono at AmiAmi | HLJ | Hobby Search]
[Pre-Order Nendoroid Monokuma at AmiAmi | HLJ | Hobby Search]
[Pre-Order Cecilia Alcott at AmiAmi | HLJ | Hobby Search]

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