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Pre-catch D-Arts Mewtwo before he pre-escapes

6:30 PM on 11.01.2012 // Scarecroodle

Because a pre-order isn't an order, you know, so it's not really catching just yet

A mysterious new Pokemon D-Arts figure was sighted nine days ago. Then reports emerged of an appearance at Tamashii 2012 (along with other Pokemon!). And, most recently, the Pokedex was updated with more photos of the elusive Mewtwo. However, this is it, folks, time to ready your throwing arms (or clicking fingers) because Mewtwo is currently available for pre-order.

This amazingly articulate D-Arts figure both looks incredible and features an absurd amount of articulation. If that wasn't enough, Mewtwo also comes with a Pokemon: The First Movie-themed projectile (a precursor to the Shadow Ball?) and a Pokeball-themed stand. Still not enough? Well, Bandai is also including a Mew figurine as a "first release" bonus (presumably meaning that said figurine won't appear in reissues).

D-Arts Mewtwo is slated to release in March and has a ¥3,990 list price. However, I imagine most people already pre-ordered him the second they saw the tall grasses rustle (instead of waiting to check out a cave by Cerulean City).

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

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