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Jason Millward avatar 11:06 AM on 10.22.2009  (server time)
The Wild Things photo shoot showed up on Digg (new, unused photos inside)

Hey everybody! Sometime over the weekend we got Dugg: If you saw the Where the Wild Things Are photo shoot that we did last Friday and enjoyed it, would you mind throwing us some support by blessing it with your stamp of Digg approval? Thank you for being awesome!

Some of my favorite shots that Tom Ruffo and I took didn't make it into the final post. I'm glad to be able to show off a few of them. Above in the header pic, I loved this shot of the wild things playing scared at the roaring Max. Ultimately the post was becoming too long and I had to cut it to make it flow better.

I told Tom when he was shooting that I wanted to get some wider shots that would give more of a sense of scope to the characters on the tree and get more of them within the shot. He was a bit worried that the detail wouldn't show through on the final photo and that ultimately they'd be too small to pick up. It's true that the detail isn't great, but looking at it again while I was grabbing shots for this post, I fell in love with it. I noticed that the fantastic tree looks like a giant, walking, tree demon. Almost like something out of Shadow of the Colossus.

This is a different angle of Bernard hanging upside down. I really love the contrast on him; how he really blends in with the shadows, but he can still be made out because of the fence in the background. But the fence was the problem. It was a reminder the this was really a toy being photographed in a backyard, he lost all sense of being a giant creature in an enormous tree.

Another great photo of Moishe (we got a lot of awesome shots out of him) that really shows off the texture detail of the figure. I love how when they are shot just right, they really do resemble the artwork from the book.

Finally, a behind-the-scenes shot of me setting Max in a tree over 11 feet off of the ground. I was on the next to last rung of a step ladder (smoking a "bummed" cigarette because I was certain that I was going to fall to my death). This ultimately became the silhouette shot of Max in the post.

I hope that you ultimately enjoyed these new pics, and thanks again for Digging us. I've since run two c-blogs over at destructoid promoting the shoot. Each has new shots that haven't appeared on Tomopop. If you're interested you can check them out here and here.

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