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Jellyface's plush tentacles will provide for soft cuddling after the tentacle rape

2:00 PM on 06.26.2009 // DickMcVengeance

While I'm not normally a plush man myself, I can't help but giggle and want to buy one of these Jellyface plushies. Plastic and Plush let us know that these little monsters are almost ready to hit store shelves, with each of the four different Jellyface critters running about $40 per item.

JellyWood, JellyMuci, JellyFur, and JellyBone are all 8" tall and all come with a pin, poster, and a sticker. There's also JellyTangle Big, which is a whopping 16" tall and runs for $80. The price is so high for both these items because not only are they hand-made, but they're also from Italy. Which means they've got to be good.

I'm really jealous that Colette is getting to go to San Diego Comic Con, but in a sense grateful. She'll be in a wonderland of toys, but at the same time, I know I would succumb to the temptations of the market and end up buying more than I can manage or afford.

Well, at least I've got the cosplayers at Anime Expo to keep me happy.

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