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You're Gonna Get Loved Tenderly: Uplark's Viral Color Prototype

4:00 PM on 06.09.2009 // Andres Cerrato

I've had this complaint for a while with Gurren Lagann.  I love the show, but it'd be nice to see characters other than Yoko and Kamina.  Ever since Eva posted last month about Uplark's (formerly EyeUp) upcoming Viral figure, I knew that this would be a piece that was going to get a lot of attention, and rightfully so.  Thankfully today, Uplark posted a gallery featuring full color shots of the rival beastman. 

He'll be 1/8 scale, standing 155 cm, which is in line with the company's previous releases for Gurren Lagann.  He'll be placed with his trademark cleaver and fancy, ruffled duds.  The look on his face is sinister and thats what makes me love the figure.  The only thing that really stands out odd to me is that the hands seem a bit too large for Viral.  However, it looks to me like it was done for the visual effect and not necessarily for Viral having hands that can grip your whole head like a basketball.  The face though just sells it for me and perfectly captures everything I loved about Viral as a character.

There's still no preorder available, but he will become available this September for 8100 yen.  We'll of course update with more pictures and preorder information when they become available.

Uplark Official Site

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