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My Own Clone! Jibun Damashii Makes You Your Own Kamen Rider Figure

4:00 PM on 05.29.2009 // Andres Cerrato

For years upon years as a kid, I've always wanted an action figure of myself one day.  I'd have the figure of myself slinging touchdowns, killing bad guys, and generally being a master pimp.  Since I have done exactly none of those things, those chances are slim to none.  However, I do have a massive obsession with Kamen Rider, and thanks to the folks over at Bandai, I can now have myself as a my own Kamen Rider figure.

Bandai announced today the creation of Jibun Damashii (My Spirit) SIC Kamen Rider figure.  The base figure is that of Kamen Rider The Next's Rider 1.  Everything about the figure is the same as the original release, but now it has your face on it.  The figure will be fully customized to your liking, as even the blister card will be customized to your choosing.  Send in a frontal-shot of your face, and the 3D design will be based off of that. You can choose to have either a round or straight face, though I have no idea how they will handle facial hair.  Also included is a stand that can be printed with your name on it as well.  The figure itself will be the same as Rider 1, coming with two sets of extra hands, a full helmet and a helmet with the mouth guard off.  The figure itself will stand 18 cm and be fully in-scale with other SIC releases, so you may put him on all of the different vehicles that have been released through the years.

As expected though, this is a Japan-only, website restricted sale.  That shouldn't stop you though from getting one as there a bounty of proxy services available.  The order period will begin on June 26 at 11 am Japan time and the figure itself will cost you 13,650 yen.  Though it is expensive and nearly double what SICs have cost lately, I am more than willing and ready to get my hands on this.  And for the record, this is totally what I want for my birthday this year.

[Via Ngee Khiong]

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