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! - New Metal Gear Solid Figures Announced

7:00 PM on 05.08.2009 // Andres Cerrato

Metal Gear Solid 4 was a solid hit last year, finally giving PS3 owners an exclusive something they can taunt about the heads of any naysayers.  When a line of figs for a successful game does well, you can bet there will be a second wave.  As expected, Medicom follows up last year's release of its Metal Gear Solid Ultra-Detal Figure line with a brand-new one coming this September.  From the 4th game you have your choice of Vamp, Old Snake, and Raiden.  Having no PS-Triple has prevented me from playing the "final" chapter in the series, but I must say that Raiden doesn't look as lame as he did in Snake Eater.  Speaking of which, there are also two releases for MGS 3, as you can pick up either Naked Snake, who is dressed in camo, and The Boss.

Each of the figures are fixed pose and will display nicely in your display area of choice.  They stand in at 16 cm tall and retail for 3500 yen.  They are each available at Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search.

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