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Kat Brunnegraff's Night Walkers are custom vinyl that won't break your bank account

3:00 PM on 05.07.2009 // Bryan Coffee

If you check my backlog, you can pretty much tell that my knowledge for this site is set mostly on the vinyl toy scene. That's not to say that I don't like anime (I do), I just appreciate vinyl stuff so much more. The only thing I hate about the vinyl scene is the fact that so many custom artists think that they have to put their stuff for sale at an unbelievably high price point. I understand that you spent a lot of time working on the figures, and they are one of a kind, but $600 or more for an 8 inch Dunny is just ridiculous (I'm looking at you, Huck).

Enter Kat Brunnegraff. Kat made a collection of different custom toys known as the Night Walkers. The Night Walkers consist of Dunnys, MadLs, and Labbits, and are very cute and well crafted customs. The best part about these little guys is the fact that they are all going for less than $100 apiece. Some of them have already sold, but you can check her site for all the deets on what toys are still available. Hopefully she'll make some more and sell them at a fair price, because I really do like the work she does, and would love to be able to afford one of my own.

(Via SpankyStokes)

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Bryan Coffee,
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