Natsume Yuujin Chou's Nyanko-sensei now comes in plush form - tomopop

Natsume Yuujin Chou's Nyanko-sensei now comes in plush form

6:00 PM on 04.02.2009

There seems to be a lot of cat appreciation here on Tomopop today. First we had the awesome Monster Hunter figures, then Chi finally came home to Colette, and now another kitty plush! If you have never seen Natsume Yuujin Chou, please go watch it. There are plenty of stories that involve characters who can see spirits but the atmosphere of this anime is really great. Can you really reject a cat who has a face like that, anyways?

Just because this is a plush doesn't mean he's small. For something that costs 8,925 yen, you better believe he's big. I don't know if it's anything compared to Colette's Chi, but I know it's something you can use as a pillow. He's about 24 inches long and 13 inches wide. Nyanko-sensei will be coming out in July 2009 and can be pre-ordered at HobbySearch. If he didn't cost so much, I would love to have him part of my plush collection.


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Eva Duenas

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