Say fuzzy pickles to this amazing Ness munny

10:34 PM on 03.08.2009

Albert Art didn't just come up with a translation of Ness from 16-bit to the world of toys -- he decided to update Ness and create a more expressive and modern version of the character, drawing elements from all over (the shoes are inspired by Japan...somehow).

Normally, I'd worry about such a transformation, but in this case, Art has managed to create a rascal that is true to Ness' adventures, and at the same time channels Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes. "The EarthBound character is short, and stubby, but he needed an update, and needed to shed his 'goody-goody' persona," says Art.

You can check out photos and some of the artwork that Art did for commission, which inspired the piece, over on his site.

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