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Vinyl meets literature in Luke Feldman's Mai and the lost Moskivvy

11:00 AM on 01.16.2009 // Sarah Schutz

Since losing myself in the pages of Where the Wild Things Are  as a wee young lass, I have been enamored by children’s books and their storytelling illustrations. Melbourne artist Luke Feldman (aka Skaffs), known for a variety of artwork including designer toys, has landed himself in the world of children’s fairytales. Meet Moskivvy, a charming, yet unfortunately lost, mosquito sporting a waistcoat and fedora. As the central character in Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mail and the lost Moskivvy. Mai and her bff Chaff escort the lost mosquito on his adventure home.

The book, co-written by Amanda Chin, will coincide with a series of vinyl toys beginning with Mai later this year. The book is available for pre-order now for $15.95.


[via Notcot]

Sarah Schutz,
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