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Amazing steampunk Lego creations

12:10 PM on 12.19.2008 // Brian Szabelski

While we've seen some pretty impressive Lego models around Tomopop, they might have all just been served by V&A Steamworks' steampunk Lego models. While other models might have millions of bricks or use some specially-shaped pieces, V&A Steamworks appear to have bult four different steampunk Lego models with nothing more than the pieces Lego themselves make. A lot of the pieces are from newer sets like the Bionicle series, especially for some of the smaller details, but the end result is something that looks incredibly awesome.

Created with a Neo-Victorian design in mind, V&A Steamworks has built the "HMS Vern," a fish-like underwater boat, complete with crazed sea captain; the "Victoria," a steam carriage that is part-train, part-Batmobile; the "Tesla," a 22-inch tall giant robot with poseable arms, a gun that motorized and a claw that actually opens and closes; and the "Kensington," a giant Victorian-era organ, perfect for any evil villain's lair.

The man behind these incredible Lego models is Guy Himber, a special effects artist who has worked on a number of well-known movies over his career, including Independence Day and Underworld. One of his earliest jobs was even on that ridiculous Super Mario Bros. film. That aside, you can't deny that what Guy does with Legos makes your jaw drop, can you?

To check out more amazing Lego steampunk creations, check out the V&A Steamworks Flickr page.  There's some other great pieces tucked away in there that will blow your mind.

[via The Awesomer]

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