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Under the Radar: EyeUp's other Gurren Lagaan figures

9:01 PM on 10.28.2008 // Brian Szabelski

EyeUp has put forth some pretty great Gurren Lagaan figures recently with their Yoko and Kamina pieces, but what about the rest of the cast? Well, there are apparently other EyeUp figures in the Gurren Lagaan line that we just haven't heard about yet. Along with Yoko and Kamina, EyeUp has revealed on their blog figures of Simon and Lagaan, Darry, Boota and Yakuza Rabbit.

Simon and Lagaan, as well as Darry, stand 1/8 scale, while Boota and Yakuza Rabbit are of an unknown scale. The EyeUp blog post with these figures is from February, and considering I haven't seen a thing on them until now, I don't know if EyeUp decided not to release them or if they are indeed going to come out eventually. Hopefully, for the Gurren Lagaan fans out there, they will eventually be released.

[via EyeUp's blog - thanks, xinyingho!]

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