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Several months ago, I preordered two Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann PVC statues from Hobby Link Japan: Eye Up's Kamina and their Yoko. Considering that I hadn't seen anything released from Eye Up prior to my order, I was slightly concerned about the quality of the figures, especially since each figure cost in the $70 range before shipping.

When I received the Kamina in the middle of September, I was overjoyed. Everything from the sculpt to the paint job was perfect, making this statue the highlight of my collection. So it's easy to see why I was so excited to get the second half of my order, which had been delayed an entire month. After an additional month of waiting, I finally received Eye Up's Yoko in the mail this last week.

Follow me after the jump to get my impressions on the bouncy goodness known as Yoko! 

I'll have to give you a warning first. The quality of the photos aren't as good as the Kamina photo shoot due to difficulties with my camera and my set up.  For some reason I couldn't get my lights to illuminate properly and my ancient digital camera would routinely forget its settings and do whatever it wished, leading to quite a few overexposed photos. This wouldn't be a huge problem, however a of my few problems with the statue are color related. When I go into them, I'll be a bit more thorough with my criticisms.

I also had to scrap all of my photos of the packaging, so you'll have to take my word when I say that its packaging isn't quite as good as Kamina's, but still a notch above other figurine boxes out there. It's bright pink and white, with a skull-shaped window in the back exposing Yoko's ass crack and booty shorts. Eye-Up has so far set it self apart when it comes to their presentation of their figures. If you have to get rid of the box, you'll be loathe to do so and do it with a small tear in your eye.

When you take Yoko out of the box, this is what you're greeted with. 

With the exception of the Boota between her bosoms (which comes separately in the package, wedge-shaped so he can fit snuggly in her luscious mounds), she comes posed dashing off to side with a huge smile on her face and a spark in her eyes. Her head comes off if you want to remove her scarf, though there is no reason to do so unless you want an unobtrusive view of her neck.

As a separate aside, I'm of the opinion that the eyes are an often forgotten detail in a figure. While the mold and the tiny details make a figure great, nothing adds more life to PVC then eyes that emote. It's obvious that Eye-Up understood this when they painted both Yoko and Kamina. Both characters have wonderful expressions that really bring out their personalities and make you incredibly happy.

Back to the figure, the main accessorie included is Yoko's sniper rifle, which fits into right hand.

The rifle fits a bit loose in her hand, which concerned me at first. However, upon further inspection it's obvious that the figure was designed to have the rifle fit in loose so that there isn't pressure placed on her arm. That'll reduce the possibility of her arm being weighed down over time. The addition of a separate stand for the tip of her rifle also assists in the process. It's a bit annoying, since it requires more desk or shelf space to house her, but it's worth it to keep Yoko's arm and rifle presentable.

Onto my quibbles, which are few and nitpicky in nature. If you take a look at her stand, you'll notice that she doesn't attach completely flush to her base, especially on her right boot.

Her left boot connects flush to the base, however her left heel is left in the air with only a loose piece of triangular plastic to keep her from possibly tipping over.

Despite how it looks, she feels stable on her stand with little chance that she could fall over. As long as you don't shake her violently in fits of joy or rage, stability shouldn't be a big issue.

I also have a couple issues with parts of her paint job, especially in light of Eye-Up's excellent work with Kamina. In normal light, Yoko's stockings look too pink too me. In TTGL, Yoko's stockings always look flesh-toned and every other plastic representation of her follows this rule.

Her boots are also lacking color in the zippers. This is VERY nitpicky, but hey, that's what I'm here to do.

Finally, though you can't really see because of the angle of the photographs (and because my set up was amazingly crappy this time around), the skull on Yoko's hair is slightly different than her normal design. The crack that runs down the center is thicker, shaped like a lightning bolt and colored red. For some reason, that bothers more than any of the other slight oversights, but only because I've seen the skull so many times since Otakon.

More important are the things that I really like about this figure.  One of these things is ass crack.




Yoko is one of my favorite designed characters not because she is smoking hot (those are a dime a dozen) but because she is a curvy girl. GAINAX wasn't afraid to give Yoko some delicious hips and a nice ass to boot, which is displayed here with a pair of shorts that can't quite hold all the junk her in trunk. The way her shorts cling to her booty is also quite nice, making her ass pop out a bit more and further accenting those delicious curves.

Speaking of delicious curves, you can't ignore how well the sculptor designed Yoko's breasts. While they are indeed large and unrealistically round and full, they are realistically swaying to the movement of her body. Her bra is also reacting, which is yet another testament to the attention to detail Eye-Up is establishing for themselves. 

I really dig Yoko's hair as well. Flowing hair is difficult to pull off well, and Eye-Up did a bang up job making her ponytail respond to her dashing movement. 

Finally, the attention to Yoko's skin color and pigmentation is quite impressive. Though the photos don't do it justice, Eye-Up made sure to give Yoko a slight tan line around her breasts, going as far to give her a slight sunburn along her ribs and back. It's a nice detail, especially considering other Yoko statues kind of forget that she's out in the sun all the time in that skimpy outfit.

So with that I draw my review to a close. I've got to say, both of Eye-Up's TTGL figures are masterpieces of detail and beauty. Their Kamina is the closest thing to a perfect figure I've ever seen and this Yoko is a beautiful piece of work. While there are a couple of issues that I have with it (weird issues with the base, slight changes in paint, odd way to deal with potential lean with the rifle), Yoko is well worth your money and should be part of every TTGL fan's collection.

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