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Kathie Olivas art show coming to My Plastic Heart

7:20 PM on 10.08.2008 // Sarah Schutz

Kathie Olivas, creator of the wildly popular Scavengers, will be showing her original art from the current series at the My Plastic Heart store in New York City beginning October 17th until November 19th. The show will feature original smaller paintings, drawings and custom toys. Kathie herself will be at the opening on the 17th from 6-9, along with Brandt Peters, to discuss the dystopic charm behind her work. We will, hopefully see plenty of Munny, MAdl and Scavenger customs that so frequently leave my jaw on the floor and my collection yearning for a focal point.

As I've mentioned on countless occasion, I am particularly drawn to the creepy cute when it comes to the vinyl toy world. I think Kathie Olivas might just be the Queen of Creepy Cute. Olivas' adorably detailed faces always seem to be slightly pained, almost evil, and are usually juxtaposed with disturbing post-apocolypic images of cute-gone-wrong like the writhing tentacles portrayed in the Scavengers series. We will be sure to post the goods that Kathie presents at her show and if any of you are in New York to check it out, be sure to share as I wallow in jealousy!

Sarah Schutz,
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