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Noxious Fumes show teaser; be jealous you aren't going

9:09 PM on 09.27.2008 // Bryan Coffee

That is, of course, if you're not actually going. If you're a lucky sod like me, however, you will be able to get to see this gorgeous piece up close and personal, along with dozens of other custom works and illustrative pieces coming up next weekend at Rivet's Noxious Fumes show. This brilliant custom is the work of Tomopop favorite Doktor A, and I simply cannot find the words to describe just how terribly amazing this is. I wish I could afford to buy this piece for myself (And if Doktor A happens to be reading this, I can afford to pay you in gumdrops, cupcakes, and hugs if you are willing to accept that form of payment.)

The show's opening reception will be this coming Saturday, October 4th, and will be running until the end of the month. Full details can be found over at Rivet's home site, and I've included the second press release after the jump, complete with a full list of artist's who will have their work on display.

Seriously, Doktor A, I love you.

Rivet is pleased to announce its upcoming group art show.  Entitled Noxious Fumes, the exhibition will feature a varied array of both exquisite artistic techniques and visions from some of the most cutting edge underground artists inspired by the show's theme of the gas mask. 

The exhibition includes a mixture of local, national, and international artists:
Annie Owens
Andy Clarkson
Brian M Viveros
Chet Zar
Chris Peters
Clint Carney
Davey Wong
Doktor A
Todd Cameron
Kathie Olivas
Louis Fleischauer
Megan Green
Samuel Stimpert
Steve Cvinar
Terribly Odd

The exhibition will be on display from October 4 through October 29th, with the opening reception to be held from 7-10pm on October 4th.  Any questions or interests can be sent to Laura via email or phone.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201

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Bryan Coffee,
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