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Custom Delights: Phu X Smash = Gyro

1:57 PM on 05.30.2008 // Colette Bennett

Some of my favorite customs are the ones that cleverly conceal what figure they originally came from in the first place. Custom artist Phu! has already crafted a Soopa to his own liking, but I have to admit in took me even longer to spot Joe Ledbetter's Smash inside this beautiful reimagining.

The piece was created by request for a private collector and comes with it's own Rebel Pilot. Phu! crafted the custom using brass rivets, broken toy parts, wire and a Gashapon acrylic sphere. If you're swooning now, let me tell you, a visit to Phu!'s MySpace page may do you in -- he has pics posted of his custom reinterpretations of everything from Qees to Dunnys, and each is as breathtaking as the one before it.

You want to beg him to make you one, don't you? Of course you do. Any collector with steampunk/industrial leanings and half a brain would. If you'd like to contact Phu!, you can do so through his blog. My eye is permanently fixed on his site now, as no matter what appears on it, it seems to always be a delight to the senses.

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Colette Bennett,
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