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Collections: Carlos Ferro

11:50 AM on 05.02.2008 // Colette Bennett

I thought long and hard about which of Carlos Ferro's photos to use for the header image of this article. When you get to the gallery, you'll see why -- Carlos has one of those collections that leave you drooling on your own shoes. In the end though, I just couldn't get over his cat's expression, so the photo above finally won out.

Carlos is no stranger to the world of video games and geeky pleasures, having played an infamous "red shirt" on Star Trek: The Next Generation and voiced characters from popular games Gears of War, Assassin's Creed and Saints Row 2. Hit the jump to read a bit about what Carlos likes to collect (and how he manages to continue to make room for more.)

Tomopop: When did you realize you were in love with toys?

Carlos:I can't think of a time where I wasn't making space on my bookshelves to display my toys. It probably started with my MEGO action figures as a child.  I loved them so much I would smuggle them to Kindergarten.

Tomopop:  What's the pride and joy of your collection?

Carlos: I actually first saw what will be the pride and joy of my collection on Tomopop - the Gears of War Dominic Santiago action figure. Current pride and joys would have to be my collection of vintage MEGO action figures / playsets AND a recent birthday present from Jane Wiedlin (the GoGos etc).  She gave me her complete antique store display unit and dolls from the 1967 Topper Toy line "the Go Go's." Blew me away...

Tomopop: What's your current toy "Holy Grail?"

Carlos: My toy "Holy Grail" would be the elusive MEGO "Secret Identity" figures of Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

Tomopop: Have you made any custom toys of your own? If not, what would a toy you would create look like?

Carlos: I have never made any customs but I do have a custom figure I was given of the character I played on Star Trek: TNG, "Ensign Dern." It was made from a Wesley Crusher head and Q body. If I could create a toy line it would probably be the (Gears of War) Dominic and Maria Santiago playsets.

Tomopop: Thanks for showing up and showing off for Tomopop Collections, Carlos!


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