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Artmymind throws down a few new customs

2:00 PM on 01.14.2013 // Brian Szabelski

That is a Ryu and Sagat MADL set, in case you were wondering

Artmymind have some new customs they've completed and are showing off; as you might expect, they're pretty cool. First (via Tenacious Toys), we have photos of a custom MADL set done on commission that are of Street Fighter's Ryu and Sagat, except in Artmymind's "demon" character style. I like how clean these look while retaining the MADL shape, and in particular, how the coloring creates a contrast that makes Sagat look that much more sinister.

The other one is their custom for the Fonzo Love NY show, Kumiho. "Kumiho" is a Korean work referring to a nine-tailed mythical fox, akin to some of the kitsune from Japanese folklore, and yes, Kumiho is indeed a fox creature, perhaps transformed into a more human form. Some neat touches on here include the different hand designs (one gloved in an armor fitting and the other not), along with some of the other additions like the legs and lacquered look to the paint job.

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