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D-Arts Mega Man (Rockman) acquired new photos

11:00 PM on 09.04.2012 // Scarecroodle

...but still no new powers

Famitsu uploaded some incredible new photos of the upcoming D-Arts classic Mega Man. Besides providing a better look at the set, the photos also seem to reveal an alternate "struggling" face for Mega Man and an attack accessory.

While I admit that I had some doubts about this one, these photos have assuaged some of my concerns. The general proportions look a bit better and he seems to be capable of some adorable action poses. I'm still wondering what other accessories he might come with, given the massive variety available. So far we know that he'll include Rush and a Metall (or Met) in addition to seemingly coming with that new face and projectile burst accessory. Although it may be unlikely, it would be rather nice if he also came with at least one Robot Master's attack given the character's ability to absorb powers. Otherwise it's a pretty nice set as is.

I may have thought I was sold on this figure before but now I'm double-sold. D-Arts Mega Man seems like a massive must-own unless you're extremely satisfied with the Kotobukiya kits. Pre-orders should be opening within the next few days.

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