ReVenture: ThreeA's Atlas and P-Body revealed

11:04 PM on 04.27.2012

Looks like we aren't waiting until Comic Con on this bit of news: At the opening night for Ashley Wood and ThreeA Toys' ReVenture show in Hong Kong, the next ThreeA x Valve figures were revealed to be the previously teased P-Body alongside Atlas. The two bots from Portal 2 are looking very nice, even in their early prototype forms, and with the kind of love ThreeA seemed to give Metal Gear Rex, I can only imagine how nice they'll look when finished. 

Stay tuned to Tomopop this weekend for the latest news from HK ReVenture, as well as for more details when we likely see these two again in San Diego this July!

[via ThreeA Production Blog]

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Brian Szabelski