Pop Culture Shock sends Shao Khan to rule your collection

1/4-scale figure up for pre-order Jan. 28

1:00 PM on 01.17.2013

If you remember back to our last post about Pop Culture Shock, you might remember we mentioned an upcoming Shao Khan 1/4-scale figure. Well, here he is, and I am very, very impressed. The latest in their Mortal Kombat polystone line, Shao Khan comes in his signature armor with his trusty warhammer to smash do-gooders' skulls in. You also get an extra head with him should you want to display him unmasked ... but I'd rather leave him as is because he looks much more imposing.

If you want him, you'll have two choices to pick from, both shipping in July/August. Fur US$350, you get the regular edition, limited to 350 pieces that includes everything mentioned above. For US$360, you get the Konqueror Edition; that one comes with a spear instead of a warhammer (you don't get both weapons) and is limited to just 150 pieces. A full rundown of all the details is on Pop Culture Shock's website, so please be sure to read it; there's a lot to parse through, but both statues require a US$100 deposit and PCS is doing this via PayPal only at this time.

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