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Pokemon Sun & Moon are out today. Here are the collectibles.

3:15 PM on 11.18.2016 // Scarecroodle

Say Alola to the Alola region

The long-anticipated release of Pokemon Sun & Moon is finally upon us! As Pokemon trainers get ready to visit the Alola region, some fans may want a less-digital version of some of the new Pokemon for their shelves. Thankfully, and retailers like Gamestop already have some merchandise available.

The selection includes 6.5-inch and "Trainer size" 15-inch versions of each starter Pokemon (US$15 and US$50 respectively), a set of Christmas-themed starter Pokemon pins, new box-sets for the Pokemon TCG, various items of clothing, and other items.

On a personal note, I've checked out some of the Gamestops in my area which had a few of the smaller Popplio and Litten plushies, but not a Rowlet in stock. The clerks at two stores had mentioned that the Rowlets sold out quickly so I guess #TeamRowlet is winning. (Which, as a Rowlet fan myself, is both good and bad news; good in that Rowlet is apparently popular, bad in the sense that I wasn't able to grab one for myself.)

Be sure to check out all of the items on or try your luck at select retailers. (And, if you're on the fence about picking up the games, be sure to check out Destructoid's Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon reviews!)

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