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Pokemon's N is quite the prize figure

9:30 PM on 02.19.2013 // Scarecroodle

Probably not a game master, though

Photos of two new N Banpresto prize figures have popped up on MFC. One version features N with his hat in hand and a Zorua on his base (hitherto referred to as "Zorua N") whilst the other version has the character's arms outstretched and a Darumakka on his base ("Daru N").

I assume that both poses reference his in-game appearance but it's been so long since I played Pokemon White that I can't really recall (although Daru N looks familiar) and I have yet to bother with sequel. Pokemon fans will remember N, the rival/frenemy/acquaintagonist of Gen 5, as the green-haired boy who could talk to Pokemon (ie, a reverse Meowth). While I never warmed up to this bishonen, I assume that he probably has a fanbase since he's receiving a prize figure. 

Of the two, I greatly prefer the Zorua N as the character has a sort of mischievous look to him between the side-ways glance and the little smirk. He seems really with it, unlike the Daru N. Both figures seem to have somewhat lean-y poses although I don't imagine any future issues from it. But which do you prefer, dear readers? And how do you feel about N himself?

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