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Playmates reveals new and greatest TMNT figures ever

1:00 AM on 02.02.2012 // Chris Pranger

I got a pretty fun surprise no more than a day ago when I hopped on my Twitter and found someone mentioning that some new Ninja Turtles action figures were on the way. At first I assumed this either meant some new customs or something of the like, but oh no! My eyes were treated to the sight of four brand new Turtles based off the original 1987 cartoon but released to get interest going for the upcoming Nickelodeon reboot this Fall, and amazingly, these are the downright best Ninja Turtles figures ever.

What makes them so great is the stupid amount of detail ("stupid" being a good thing here), along with the incredible articulation for each figure. How does 30 points of articulation sound? It's sounds pretty damned great! Each Turtle has dual-jointed knees and elbows, a ball-jointed torso (making it the first TMNT figure to my knowledge), and even individually articulated fingers. Fingers! Perfect for holding weapons that also look jaw-droppingly perfect. I mean, Michelangelo's nunchuku are even connected via actual chains. And the belts all have loops to hold the weapons when not in use! Someone up there really loves me!

I just couldn't be happier. I want these now and if I'm lucky, I can absolutely afford them. Have I stressed enough that if these come out exactly how they're shown here, these will unquestionably be the best TMNT figures ever released? True story! No word on a release date yet, but Playmates will be showing these off at Toy Fair, so stay tuned Turtle fans! Who else is pumped?

[via MTV Geek]


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