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Play Imaginative gives the Dark Knight a new set of armor

5:00 PM on 08.07.2012 // Scarecroodle

US$350 seems to be a popular number where Batman is concerned. First it was the price associated with Sideshow's most excellent Poison Ivy, then for Project Triforce's Riddler Trophy replica, and now Play Imaginative's rather exceptional "Super Alloy" Batman.

The armored costume design, based on Jim Lee's artwork (perhaps best known for his 90s X-Men run), is instantly striking. This 1:6 scale figure features more than 50 points of articulation and the suit itself is comprised of at least 85% die cast metal. The fabric cape is both detachable and poseable. The figure also comes with a grappling gun, two baterangs, and a gargoyle base. Did I mention the articulate hands/fingers and magnets in the feet?

I'm a little split on the design. I love the headsculpt but the body seems reminiscent of a larger Microman. That said, this Batman still seems like an incredible display piece and the articulation, magnets, etc, make it exciting.

Interested parties can either pre-order the figure (albeit you need a site membership to do so) or buy him at the Play Imaginative booth at Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC). You know, if you just happen to be in the neighborhood of Singapore. This Batman may be difficult to purchase and expensive but it certainly seems incredible.

[ Source: Plastic and Plush / Play Imaginative ]

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