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Pipos releases two new dolls, a bunny and a grumpy girl

10:00 PM on 01.31.2011 // Jennifer Johnston

Pipos is a ball jointed doll company that produces lots of cute anthro bjds, and some tiny human ones. They recently released two new dolls, dreaming Mari and Cube. Dreaming Mari is a 26 cm human doll, and Cube is a 29 cm rabbit. These two dolls are not limited.

Dreaming Mari costs US$260. Options include two bust sizes, the facial makeup seen in the images, and extra hands. Cube costs US$245, and you can also get his facial makeup and choose between white and gray resin. You can also purchase dreaming Mari's wig and outfit and Cube's outfit separately.  

I love temperamental girls, so dreaming Mari is a hit with me. I love those sulky eyes and that little stern mouth! But she's also available with wider eyes, and she's really cute like that, too, so I imagine it would be hard to choose between them. As for Cube, I find him a little unsettling, but lots of people adore anthro dolls and are sure to love him. What do you think of them, Tomo?

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Jennifer Johnston,
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