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Phat Company's Bayonetta high kicks her way to pre-orders

10:00 PM on 09.10.2012 // Emily Smalara

Spiritual successor to Devil May Cry, Bayonetta has been given the PVC treatment recently, thanks to Phat Company trying something a bit different from the moe cuteness of the Atelier games. Bayonetta's statuesque form certainly lends itself nicely to the medium, though they've gone with a rather dynamic pose rather than taking advantage of her rather catlike grace.

Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of the sexy fetish-librarian look that Bayonetta has going on and never have been, though I do think the game is fantastic. The figure definitely captures the game's style as well, so there's definitely a plus. I'd almost like to have seen them go all-in and have her in the midst of casting one of her over the top spells, though! Sadly, despite the 1/7 scale her price tag would lead you to believe she's quite a bit more sizable. If you plan to pick her up in March, she'll run around ¥13,143.

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List]

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