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Peanuts: Then and Now figures showcase the evolution of Charlie Brown and Snoopy

2:00 PM on 12.28.2009 // Jason Millward

Charlie Brown and pet beagle, Snoopy, will perhaps forever be ingrained in popular culture as the same two classic holiday specials that we all look forward to every year. (Yes, there are many more than two, but Christmas and Halloween were the good ones.) The genius behind Charles Schultz's Peanuts comic strip was that he took all of the insecurities and neuroses of adulthood and transfered them to the minds of children. These feelings that we all experience take on an extra layer of sadness and poignancy coming from the mouths of innocence.

I don't pretend to know how children in the 1950's viewed life. Growing up in the 80's though, I could identify with these characters far more than any other characters that I came into contact with. I don't know whether this was a case of art predicting life, or if Charles gave a sophisticated voice to the inner-turmoils that plagued youth even then. I can say that he found a way to reach me at 8 years-old, and still remains every bit as pertinent 23 years later.

Celebrating 60 years since the birth of the strip, Dark Horse has created two sets of Then and Now-themed figures. Snoopy and good ol' Charlie Brown will be presented as 4" vinyl toys in both their original 1950's style and their more modern, iconic designs. These figures are available for pre-order at $25 for each set. (Things From Another World is currently offering them for $20 each!) Both Snoopy and Charlie Brown will be released on April 21st, 2010.

[via Plastic and Plush]

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