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PAK Ledger Joker, Catwoman up for wider pre-order

7:00 PM on 12.22.2012 // Scarecroodle

Smile sold separately

For those who resisted the urge to pre-order the Play Arts Kai The Dark Knight (Ledger) Joker and The Dark Knight Rises (Hathaway) Catwoman from BBTS last month, the two are now available for pre-order through Japanese retailers.

This set of pre-order listings include additional photos (without coloration issues) and information. We now know that the Ledger Joker will come with two alternate heads, one with faded face paint and the other features the clown mask from the movie's opening robbery scene (could instead just fit over a normal head?), as well as an alternate set of hands, knife, and two playing cards. The Hathaway Catwoman comes with an alternate head (not sure if it's just a goggles on head), three alternate hands, and a pistol.

Unfortunately, the backdrop doesn't seem to flatter Catwoman so the photos aren't great. The Joker's paintwork looks great for his outfit, but the head paint seems weak. Plus I'm not fond of the shadowing effects in places. That said, the Ledger Joker will likely be my first Play Arts Kai figure when he's released in May alongside Catwoman.

[ Pre-order Joker at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big Bad Toy Store ]

[ Pre-order Catwoman at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big Bad Toy Store ]

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