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PackRat's custom 'Movie' Deadpool is crazy. Crazy awesome!

8:00 AM on 02.05.2015 // Scarecroodle

Crazy like a fox?

PackRatStudios has unleashed a killer new "Movie Concept" Marvel Legends Deadpool.

The figure appears to be a fairly by-the-numbers redeco of a Marvel Legends / Infinite Series "Mandroid wave" Stealth Suit Captain America with some minor kitbashing, etc. While it might be relatively basic, the end result is incredible which has given me a new appreciation for what I had previously considered a lackluster Hasbro mold (when, in reality, the original figure's problem may have just been lackluster paint). As strange as it might sound, this *might* be the coolest Deadpool action figure I've seen (taking into account the Toy Biz, DST, and Hasbro versions).

PRS's Deadpool is fully loaded with an array of weapons which includes Deadpool's signature katanas, multiple guns, and even a rocket launcher. It's the kind of thing you wish would see a mass release. However, fans may have an opportunity to pick *one* of these up since PRS usually puts his customs on ebay. In the mean-time, be sure to check out the gallery.

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