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Out of nowhere like a ninja: Kotobukiya strikes fast with Ayane from Dead or Alive 4

5:00 AM on 12.22.2009 // Jonathan Tubbs

Whoa! Where did you come from? I guess that's why you're a ninja. Kotobukiya will be releasing a new 1/7 scale Ayane figure from Team NINJA fighting game Dead or Alive 4 based on artwork by artist "CH@R". This is actually coming out of left field as I have not seen any prototypes or any other information prior to this release.

Either way, it's here and it's looking gorgeous. But I expect no less from Kotobukiya and I thank them for releasing my favorite ninja girl. The pose is wonderful looking as if Ayane is dancing in the wind. The detail on her hands is very well defined. The only downside about this figure, other than being a Team NINJA female, is I'm not too fond of how plain her outfit is. Not much you can do when the original source material is like that. Speaking of source material, Kotobukiya took the liberty to modify the original illustration by removing the blatant up skirt shot. Not that it's hard to look up it.

The beautiful Ayane is retailing for 7,800 yen and will be available in April, 2010. You can pre-order her right now at Hobby Search.

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