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Order some of these Brutal Legend products by Double Fine

1:00 PM on 02.16.2013 // Jon Wills

It's not just gonna to blow your mind. It's gonna blow your soul.

I may love my moe figures and super cute things, but I also like to play video games. One of my favorite games that I played in the last few years was Brutal Legend for Xbox 360. Before I Brutal Legend I had absolutely no appreciation for anything metal. Now I think it's cool, when done well. 

I'm not trying to do Destructoid’s job for them but I wanted to show you some of Double Fine's cool products that they are releasing in celebration of an upcoming release of Brutal Legend for PC. There are various odds and ends which you can check out here. But the most awesome thing they are selling are these 17-inch tall statues of Eddie Riggs.

Yep, that's right. Eddie's Statue stands at 17 inches tall and is posed swinging his battleaxe while leaping over the top of a pile of demon bones. There are a lot of cool details to this figure. I particularly like his electric guitar slung over his back. His outfit looks rather leathery and his belt has a ton of detail too. And it should because his figure is so huge! If you’re interested in Eddie you should head over to the Double Fine Shop and purchase him for US$150.


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