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Orchid Seed teases you with Rosario + Vampire's Kurumu

3:00 PM on 12.28.2011 // Jonathan Tubbs

Demon school harem title Rosario + Vampire is one of those titles that didn't leave a lasting impression on me but have had characters from it that have caught my attention. One would be the lady of ice Mizore Shirayuki and recently the succubus Kurumu Kurono. Orchid Seed has me once again looking at Kurumu and the succubus's magic is working on my again.

Orchid Seed will be releasing a tantalizing 1/7 scale version of Kurumu as she teases you with pulling off her straps. The outfit is plain and there is little in the way of detail on this figure but, dag nabbit, I love a good tease and this is why I'm being allured by this succubus. The face is lovely and mature looking with the shape of her eyes and the open mouth. The fact that her eyes are looking away with that pose adds to the effect of this figure. The hair is not top notch but passable for figures today. I usually complain about ladies with the large bust but I have finally come to accept such things especially since there's a bit to like everywhere else on this figure. The teasing continues on the back with her dress just short enough to see some of her rear. And I like that she has shape to her legs.

As this is an Orchid Seed product, Kurumu does have a cast off feature that allows you to remove her dress to reveal her tight fitting underwear. And you should know better that Orchid Seed won't stop there. Product photos do tease (again with the teasing) that you can cast off her top, too.

I admit I'm very interested in this figure. ...for reviewing purposes of course! Really! And with a June, 2012 release, I... may think about it. The ¥8,286 retail price is a little up there but is doable. What do you think of Orchid Seed's busty succubus? Are you being charmed or are you strong against her power?

[Pre-order at Hobby Search | HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi]

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