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Orchid Seed's Sun Seto from Seto no Hanayome

3:26 PM on 07.31.2008 // Colette Bennett

One of my favorite things about all this toy blogging business is that it perpetually forces me to discover new things, a practice that people seem to lose touch with as they get older. Of course, considering that I still prioritize collecting toys at my age, perhaps I don't have to worry aboutgetting stiff andout of touch just yet.

I knew nothing about Seto no Hanayome (based on manga, now an anime series) before seeing this figure, but after spying pictures of her over at Akiba Hobby (go there for the full gallery), some research made me realize I am missing out on a show that sounds very much relevant to my interests. Sun Seto is the central figure in the series, a mermaid who will be executed if her entanglement with protagonist Nagasumi Michishio is ever discovered. Romantic harem comedy ... I can feel myself loving it already.

Sun Seto is a 1/7 scale PVC, measures in at 4.3 inches, and will run 7,400 Yen ($69 US. She is scheduled to go on sale in November. As you can see, her clothing is castoffable and you can change her to her mermaid costume at anytime. Go see her at the Orchid Seed website if you feel ready to slap down some preorder action.

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Colette Bennett,
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