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Orchid Seed's Chichinoe + Infinity Pin-up Lady hasn't seen her feet in YEARS

10:03 AM on 12.12.2008 // Bryan Coffee

And she's trying so hard too!

We've covered Orchid Seed's PVC line of figures based on the artwork of Takuya Inoue before, but this by far...this pretty much takes the entire cake. If you head over to HobbySearch now you can place a preorder on this figure, known as the Infinity Pin-Up Lady, whose name is quite ironic considering with breasts that huge you'd have a hard time pinning her up to anything. The figure will be available in March of next year, and it will set you back about $120 bucks.

I am all for boobs, I am a man after all, but when a woman's breasts are so big that she can't even see over them to look down and see the rest of her body, you've got a mighty big problem there. Don't even get me started on the pancake nipples and camel toe, which as I've said will be the biggest feature of toys in the coming year, I can just feel it.

If you're at all interested in giant nipples and freakish boobs, you can head over to HobbySearch or KidNemo, who both have the price set at around $120 for a preorder (Both sites seem to have conflicting release dates, as KidNemo are saying the end of April 2009, whilst HobbySearch is saying March, so buyer beware).

More photos in the gallery, which I'm sure you can tell is pretty NSFW. Do you like this sort of thing, or are you as easily creeped out by it as I am?

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Bryan Coffee,
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