Orchid Seed Chokooki Lineage II figures

5:00 PM on 02.23.2011 // Tyler Jones

The lovely ladies of Lineage II are popular among figure makers, but this upcoming line from Orchid Seed seems to be taking the look in a whole new direction. Is this a welcome change? I can't say as a non-player of MMOs, but as a toy fan I dig it.

The two characters, a dwarf and an elf, are depicted in an adorable super deformed style that seems at odds with the game's traditional aesthetic, looking more like they came off of a magical girl show than an MMORPG. They stand 80mm tall and the dwarf carries a staff while the elf is armed with a sword.

Information regarding their release is sparse, though according to a flier in the gallery there seem to be several more planned in the same line representing a variety of races and classes.

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