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Onslaught & others win Minimates 10th anniv fan poll

5:00 PM on 11.13.2012 // Scarecroodle

Know these poll results and fear them: they include Onslaught

Diamond Select Toys ran a fans' choice poll earlier this year to determine the characters that would be featured in the 50th Marvel Minimates wave. The results are in and, sadly, only two of my choices apparently made the cut.

The fans' "poll" was really four separate polls broken up over four weeks, each each week having a theme (A-listers with a different look, supporting characters, villains, and army builders). Fans could pick two entries from each category, with the top one or two from each getting a Minimate. While it's unknown how DST determined how many figures would be allocated to each theme, we ended up seeing two "main assault"/a-listers (the Danny Ketch (blue) Ghost Rider & Cyborg Spider-Man), one from the "support team" (Songbird), two villains (Onslaught & Baron Zemo... two versions), and one minion (Nova Corps Centurion).

While I'm happy to see Onslaught secure a spot, it's a shame that we aren't getting a werewolf Captain American. Songbird surprisingly beat the likes of Winter Soldier and Captain Steve Rogers, although I'd expect to see both losers in the line at some point anyway. The Danny Ketch Ghost Rider results shocked me the most, but mostly because I was nonplussed with the week 1 selections. Apparently he topped all the polls with 2,516 votes (only Cyborg Spider-Man and Songbird even broke 1,700). The army builder poll either had an incredibly split vote or terrible turn-out, because the Nova Corps Centurion won with only 936 votes.

As far as the winners go, Baron Zemo II made out like a bandit. Coming in second in the villain's poll, he's managed to not only get a place in the wave *but* also secured the chase variant slot for his father, Baron Zemo I (nepotism much?). Baron Zemo will be packed with the Nova Corps Centurion. The Nova Corps Centurion will be packed with an alternate head and hair pieces to represent the different characters and races.

So, how'd everybody else do with the poll?

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