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OMG Halloween! Pumpkin-suited DokoDemo Issho prize Revoltechs

12:00 PM on 09.21.2009 // Topher Cantler

This should be illegal. Blending the sheer awesome of DokoDemo Issho with the magic of Halloween, Taito has teamed up with Kaiyodo to produce these two Revoltech prize figures. We've got Toro and Kuro, not only wearing Jack O'Lanterns, but toting them around as well, threatening all sorts of mischief.

Both figures are also considerably larger than the standard DokoDemo Issho Revoltechs, standing at 15cm tall. That's 3 and a half centimeters larger than the regular ones, which should make them more durable, considering the originals used some of the smallest Revolver joints available, making them pretty delicate.

Toro also comes with a little teacup, and Kuro finally gets his bowtie included instead of having it packaged with another figure. They're available in prize machines all over Japan right now, and should be popping up at your favorite importer before long. In the meantime, check out Taito's website for more info, and a peek at the upcoming Christmas versions.

[Via Hobby-Toy-Web]

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