Olympic merchandise at Disney's United Kingdom Pavilion!

8:00 AM on 07.31.2012

Has anyone else out there had their eyes glued to the television watching the Olympics like yours truly? I swear, I always get so sucked in regardless to if I even care about any of the sports that are taking place. It's just the spirit of the event I guess, and you always root for those athletes who give it their all. Another way to show your support is with the slew of merchandise that hits every time they roll around.

Although we've seen some of these merchandise pieces previously, now they may be a little easier to get your hands on if you live near Disney's Epcot park. Inside the Sportsman's Shoppe in the United Kingdom Pavilion of Epcot you'll be able to find plushies of Wenlock in his normal form, his Union Jack form and dressed as the Queen's guard. There are also shirts and coffee mugs, as well as a small selection of pins. Head on over to the United Kingdom Pavilion and get your Olympic spirit on!

[via Disney Parks Blog]

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Rio McCarthy

Reviews Editor