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Oh look, it's another Nanoha girl in a swimsuit

8:00 PM on 01.17.2013 // Tianxiao Ma

At least this one is gigantic

Let's not mince words - there are a lot of Fate Testarossa figures out there. There are also a lot of swimsuit figures out there. Combining the two really just seems lazy and obvious.

If I were to focus on the positives, though, it would mostly revolve around Mikatan's preview. It shows you basically everything you need to see on Gift's 1/4-scale Fate. I have to say, it's really not a bad looking figure (especially considering how 1/4-scale figures usually turn out). This one has a fair amount of detail and a nice face. But yeah, lazy and obvious. Also, is it me or are we seeing even more swimsuit figures than usual these days? It feels like every other announcement is a swimsuit girl.

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