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Obie the Alien Space Cadet prepares for impact

4:48 PM on 08.18.2008

Having made their introductions to the world of vinyl toys with The Saddest Devil, Devil's Head Productions is gearing up to release it's newest piece Obie the Alien Space Cadet. Somewhat reminiscent of Kif Kroker from Futurama, this somewhat dejected looking, blue, balloon-headed alien astronaut is yet another in the long line of excellent extra-terrestrial delights to tickle my fancy.

The bright orange suit and swollen head are more than enough to warrant a purchase alone, but the addition of a sock flag really makes the piece. Obie's sock-flag tops him out at about 11" which is impressive considering he's laying claim to heavenly bodies with underwear on a stick. Obie is limited to 400 pieces, each of which will run you about $60. 

[Via Plastic and Plush]

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